Today started off just like any other Tuesday.

I woke up like I do every morning. I got the hubs up and off to work. Woke the kids up and helped them get ready and took them to school. I showered and got myself ready for work. My drive to work included my normal stop at Sonic to get my large Coke with easy ice. Traffic was actually decent this morning! I arrive at work and had a super busy morning. I love busy mornings because it helps the day go by so much quicker!

I got lucky today, a co worker brought some home made taco soup for lunch and she forgot tortilla chips. I volunteered to go to Kroger’s on my lunch break to get us some.

I get to Kroger’s and get the chips and then I shopped around a little more. I was looking at candy bars, I am wanting to make my daughters teacher a candy bar bouquet for an end of the school year gift. I get all of my goodies and check out.

I walk to my car and on my door there is a big glob of gum!!! I am talking freshly chewed, hot and stringy gum! I instantly get mad! I look inside my car for a napkin and what do you know, I have none! I resort to using my receipt to get as much off as I can. I even had to google how to get the remaining residue off of the car door. Everything pointed to use ice to harden the gum and then scratch it off. So I did just that, after spending about 30 minutes I give up! Most of it is off but there is still gum on the door.

I don’t know if the gum was deliberately put on my car, but I hope that it was an accident! I fear that with the way people act these days that it might of been intentional!

The best way to dispose of your gum is by spitting it into a napkin or directly into the trash can!


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